Prison Break paperback

REAL Freedom From the Hurts of the Past

by Mark Balmer
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Hurts in life are inevitable.  We all hurt other people; they hurt us; we even hurt ourselves.  The question is, how will we handle these hurts?  If we choose to hand on to the pain, rehearsing it over and over in our minds, we play into Satan's hand and lock ourselves in a prison of unforgiveness.  If we choose to forgive, however, we play into God's hand- and those prison walls come tumbling down.
Prison Break teaches five biblical keys for breaking out of the prison of unforgiveness: staying in relationship with God, choosing to forgive, choosing to "forget," choosing to replace Satan's lies with God's truth, and choosing to put freedom into action day by day.  By learning to love in real freedom, we can celebrate and enjoy life to the max- and teach others how to break out of their own prisons of pain.
Tyndale House Publishers
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