The 5 Core Commitments

by Mark Balmer
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God has designed you, as a follower of Jesus, with unlimited potential to change your world. Not only do you have unlimited potential, but the church -- all of us together -- has unlimited potential to impact our world for God. It has nothing to do with who we are when we come to Christ. Rather, it has everything to do with who we become, individually and together, as we follow Him. At Calvary Chapel Melbourne, we have identified five biblical keys--Five Core Commitments--that characterize believers who are serious about following Jesus and reaching their full potential:

Commit to be a growing follower of Christ
Celebrate and live the fulfilling lifestyle
Connect to others in personal vibrant relationships
Communicate the Good News to everyone everywhere
Contribute your time, passion, talents and possessions

If you're serious about following Jesus and becoming everything God created you to be, then let these Five Core Commitments be your roadmap. Your life will be transformed--together we'll turn the world upside-down for Christ.

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Tyndale House Publishers
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